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REGULAR MENU Hot Drinks Vietnamese Hot Coffee 3.75 Japanese Hot Green Tea 2.75 Cold Drinks Vietnamese Iced Coffee 3.75 Japanese Iced Green Tea 2.75 Green Tea Iced Latte 3.75 Passion Fruit Green Tea 3.75 Mango Green Tea 3.75 Peach Green Tea 3.75 Thai Milk Tea 3.75 Mango or Peach Smoothie 4.50 Avocado Smoothie 4.50 Berries Smoothie 4.50 Green Smoothie 4.95 Strawberry Banana Smoothie 4.50 Taro Smoothie 4.50 Add on: Boba/Lychee/Chia Seeds: 0.50 Vietnamese Sandwiches All are served on house baguette OR croissant (0.75 cent extra) with house special mayo, pate, cucumbers, pickled carrots, daikon, jalapenos, and cilantro. 1. House Special Banh Mi 5.95 Combination of Vietnamese ham, pork roll, grilled pork, and char siu pork. 2. Grilled Chicken Banh Mi 5.50 3. Grilled Pork Banh Mi 5.50 4. Pork Roll & Ham Banh Mi 5.50 5. Sizzling Beef Banh Mi 6.50 6. Caramelized Shrimp Banh Mi 6.95 7. Organic Tofu Banh Mi 5.50 8. Avocado Veggies Banh Mi 5.50 Add on: Over easy egg: 1.00 each Extra meat: 2.00 or 3.00 for beef or shrimp Avocado: 1.00 Extra veggies: 0.50 Hot Dishes 9. Vietnamese Beef Stew 7.50 Side Dishes Egg Roll 1.15/ea or 6 for 5.50 Coconut Shrimp 3 for 3.00 or 6 for 5.50 Shrimp and Pork Spring Roll 4.25 for 2 pieces Chicken or BBQ Pork Spring Roll 4.25 for 2 pieces Organic Tofu or Avocado Spring Roll 4.25 for 2 pieces Meat Pie/Pate Chaud 1.95/ea or 3 for 5.50 Combination Rice Dishes Steamed white rice plate with house salad. 10. Beef and Shrimp with Fried Egg 9.95 11. Grilled Chicken with Fried Egg 7.95 12. Grilled Pork with Fried Egg 7.95 13. Sizzling Beef with Fried Egg 8.95 14. Sizzling Shrimp with Fried Egg 8.95 15. Braised Organic Tofu & Fried Egg 7.95 Combination Vermicelli 16. Grilled Chicken with Egg Roll 7.95 17. Grilled Pork with Egg Roll 7.95 18. Sizzling Beef with Egg Roll 8.95 19. Sizzling Shrimp with Egg Roll 8.95 20. Braised Organic Tofu with Egg Roll 7.95 21. Beef and Shrimp with Eggroll 9.95 Salads Organic Spring Mix with Avocado 5.50 With: Chicken/Pork/Tofu 7.50 Beef 7.95 Shrimp 8.50 Steam Bao Buns Vietnamese Soft Steam Taco Pork Belly Coconut Shrimp Organic Tofu 3.50 each or 2 for 6.50 or 3 for 9.00 Confections and Sweets Please ask us for the pricing of roll cakes, cheesecakes, macarons, chocolates, and other sweets.
CATERING MENU ND Banh Mi can cater your events! Please visit ND Banh Mi or call (760) 726-4650. Please order at least 2 days before your event. ND Banh Mi can work with any budget! ND Banh Mi has catered: Buffet style in half or full tray pans for big events. Baked goods such as custom birthdays cakes and creme puffs. Banh mi sandwiches cut into threes for office parties.

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